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“Two Bases And One Institute” were Inaugurated in Our College
2016-12-23   审核人:

December 23 ---- The training base for intelligent manufacturing, the innovative practice base for post-doctor of SVCST and Zhong’an Group , and cyberspace security institute were inaugurated in our college. The vice director of Shandong Commission of Economy and Information, Li Shiying, member of Standing Committee of Weifang, deputy mayor, Zou Qingzhong, the section chief of Shandong Commission of Economy and Information, Hou Jie, the investigator of Shandong Education Department, Meng Lingjun, the president of Zhong’an Group, Wei Jingfen attended the ceremony with the doctor team and guests. And the leaders of Shandong Information Association, relevant sections of Shandong Commission of Economy and Information also participated in it. The secretary of the party committee of our college, Wang Wanjie, addressed, and the president of our college, Liu Guiyu, hosted the ceremony. All the leaders unveiled for “two bases and one institute”.

The training base for intelligent manufacturing is an important project to enhance the capability of vocational education to serve Shandong economic society, and it is to meet the demand of skilled talents for modern manufacturing development. The project covers basic skills training, comprehensive skills training, and 10 training centers are for innovative ability training. Intelligent manufacturing, internet + textile, new generation information technology, new energy automobile and car networking. The base is for highly skilled talents training, staff training, skill evaluation, technology service and skill competition of modern manufacturing.

The innovative practice base for post-doctor of SVCST and Zhong’an Group enroll postdoctoral fellows and develop practical innovative courses on the basis of cooperative relation of both sides, to promote the transformation of scientific research achievement and the development of vocational education.

Cyberspace security institute is the secondary college established by Zhong’an Group, Inspur Group and our college, and a innovative mode of the feature of “production-education-research integrated”. The institute will cultivate skilled talents for the scientific development of regional economy through integrating the educational resources of the college with the advanced technology, curriculum resources and employment of the partners.

The project of “two bases and one institute” contributes to the promotion of mix ownership school-running of modern vocational education, social services and the improvement of teaching staff, and it is crucial to the construction of high quality institution.

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