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  • 国家示范性高职院校
    National Demonstration Higher Vocational College

  • 国家示范性高职单独招生试点院校
    National Demonstration Experimental College of Separate Entrance

  • “3+2”对口贯通分段培养本科院校
    “3+2” Cooperative Cultivation College

  • 全国“工人先锋号”单位
    National Pioneer Worker Unit

  • 国家技能人才培育突出贡献单位
    National Outstanding Unit for Skilled-talent Training

  • 全国教育改革创新典型学校
    National Demonstration College for Education Reform

  • 十五年山东省级文明单位
    Shandong Civilized Unit

  • 山东省职业教育先进集体
    Shandong Advanced Group of Vocational Education

  • 山东省普通高等学校毕业生就业工作先进集体
    ShandongAdvancedGroup for Employment of Graduates

  • 山东省智能制造业公共实训基地
    Shandong Intelligent Manufacturing Training Base

  • 山东科技职业学院博士后创新实践基地
    Postdoctoral Innovative Training Base of Shandong Vocational College of Science&Technology

  • 2016年度山东最具就业竞争力高职院校
    Shandong Highly-competitive Employment College in 2016

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