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Management Committee of Binhai Campus

The Binhai campus of Shandong Vocational College of Science and Technology is located in the Shandong Ocean University of science and technology district. It is responsible for the training and teaching of Five-year college students in the first two years. We have 12 majors now. Includes electric automation technology, automation technology, vehicle inspection and maintenance technology, digital media art design, computer application technology, architectural engineering, international economy and trade, accounting, Korean, marketing, logistics management and aquaculture technology. There are more than 1300 students in the Binhai campus, 62 staff members.

The Binhai campus has delivered more than 3000 outstanding students to Higher Vocational Colleges. The employment rate of graduates is above 98%. The students find the ideal job in China Zhongche, Weichai Power, Futian, GoerTek electronics, Lutai textile and other large enterprises.

Binhai campus is based on the powerful teaching and research ability of the main campus, According to the requirements of the personnel training program, Select full-time teachers to teach at Binhai campus, ensuring the high quality of talent training. Apart from classroom teaching, full-time teachers also developed "second classroom" actively. Training the students' interest in learning and practical ability, stimulated students' enthusiasm and initiative in learning. Our students have won 12 national patents in recent years.

In student management, each class is equipped with full-time counselors and tutors. Regular class meetings will be held to improve students' comprehensive quality. The teacher's duty room is located in the student apartment. And our teacher on duty applies the 24-hour duty system to help students.

Developing of league and student work is highly effective that was honored by the school and the city. In 2013, the school League committee was awarded the “Weifang May4th Red Flag Youth League Branch(the general branch) ”

In order to improve students' humanistic quality, the Binhai campus insists on quality education for students, carries out a series of educational activities, to improve students' professional quality, cultivate their professional morality, and build a brand of "voluntary service". We have selected students to participate in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the National Day 60th anniversary grand ceremony, Shanghai, World Expo, National Games and other voluntary service activities. The school lion dance team and the Wushu team were invited to participate in “The Chinese folk culture festival” in Germany. A series of activities have enriched the students' spare time life. The students have exercised their ability and improved their comprehensive quality, laying a solid foundation for further study.

Welcome to sign up our Five year system, to achieve your dream of college.

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