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School of Biochemical Engineering

The School of Biochemical Engineering covers 9 majors, which are pharmaceutical biotechnology, food quality and safety, aquaculture, animal nutrition and feed, ophthalmology and optometry, environment engineering technology, applied chemical technology, industrial analysis technology, process of polymer material, and 1000 students are studying.

Pharmaceutical biotechnology meets the development of national emerging industry, and it is the key part of 2025 national manufacturing industry. Food quality and safety provides training of nutrition and detection. Aquaculture and animal nutrition and feed are the national key construction majors related to agriculture, and it has great effect on vocational education since technical service talents are cultivated. Ophthalmology and optometry is a newly developing major cooperated with Korea and Taiwan with medical science, industry and business integrated, and it is about optometry and glasses. Environment engineering technology is to cultivate talents for environment protection. Applied chemical technology and process of polymer material are two majors of national key construction projects, and they became the models of national similar majors in 2011. Industrial analysis technology is always the strategic point of industrial and agricultural production and scientific research.

The school is equipped with an outstanding faculty team, owning the enzyme and micro-ecology laboratory, 16 comprehensive training rooms, 6 productive training bases. We focus on students’abilities, and we cultivate them with our education feature of job-market-oriented, class-certificate-integrated and education-competition-integrated.

We got many awards in national competitions. All the students got double skills certificates. And we have cooperated with over 50 enterprises, such as Wanhua Group, Weijiao Group, Xinhua Pharmaceutical Company, Sheng’ai Ophthalmology, COFCO, Tongwei Group, to improve the quality of practice and employment. The employment rate has always been above 99%.

I Applied Chemical Technology

Professional features: the profession in 2008 was approved as one of the key construction projects of national demonstration higher vocational colleges construction projects, local financial support, and successfully passed the provincial acceptance in March 2011. This specialty highlights the characteristics of "green chemical" talents training, and closely integrates the coastal chemical industry parks and regional leading enterprises, and implements the personnel training mode of "learning and doing together and ordering training". The reconstruction of the marine chemical industry based on the characteristics of the curriculum system, the development of 6 high-quality professional core courses, writing characteristics of school-based textbooks with 7 of the engineering, the analysis and detection of chemical products "" course in 2010 was established as the Ministry of education in Higher Vocational Chemical Teaching Guidance Committee of high quality curriculum designed, "separation control and equipment maintenance" etc. named excellent course. At the same time, with a high level of teaching, technical services, a strong team of teachers, professional teachers 13 people, of whom 2 professors, 3 associate professors, 5 graduate students; 8 technicians, "double teacher" quality teacher ratio of 92%. School of basic chemical laboratory, industrial analysis and environmental testing center, training room, chemical unit operation of chemical process and DCS simulation training room, full degradable plastic factory production of teaching experimental conditions, perfect equipment, can provide the students with professional experiment and training. School established 21 Weifang Tiande chemical stable practice and employment base, ensure the cultivation of students' ability and quality of the professional employment; professional teachers to declare 6 national patents, students' skills competition achievements: in the national chemistry industry, occupation colleges total control of chemical engineering and other kinds of skills competition won the two prize in the three groups prize 4, group 4, third-prize won the individual all-around first prize 2, two prize 12 individual all-around and individual all-around 10.

Training objectives: Master of Applied Chemistry Specialty of the necessary basic theoretical knowledge and basic skills, can be engaged in chemical production, technology development, production management, product analysis, equipment operation and maintenance work of high skilled talents.

Major courses: basic chemistry, chemical products, chemical analysis and detection of unit operation, the typical chemical product process optimization, chemical instrument and automation control, environmental protection and clean production, chemical safety and occupation health and marketing of chemical products

Employment direction:by unit of chemical and petrochemical, environmental protection, building materials, light industry, pharmaceutical enterprises ISO certification EIA, engaged in product analysis inspection, process control, technology development, equipment operation and maintenance, enterprise management and product marketing and other aspects of the work. Graduate employment rate of 100%, a high starting salary, the vast majority of graduates in coastal cities can achieve high-quality employment. In recent years, such as Yantai Wanhua, Qilu pharmaceutical, Xinhua Pharmaceutical, chemical, chemical Tiande Haitian absorb more graduates in our college.

II Department of Environmental Engineering

Major courses:Environmental Monitoring, Air Pollution Control Technology , Water Pollution Control Technology, Solid Waste Disposal Technology, Urban Sewage Treatment Operation & Management, Environmental protection equipment maintenance and application, CAD design, Environmental Impact Assessment, Chemical Analysis and Measurement, Environmental Engineering Unit Operation, Process Safety and Emergency Treatment, Clean Production and Application, Water Supply and DrainageEngineering,Environmental Biotechnology.

About us:

Our objectives are to educate and train senior talents being acquainted with the basic theory about environmental pollution prevention and management; being expert in waste water, waste gas, solid waste and noise pollution control technology and engineering. Our graduates will master the practical, innovative and management abilities and skills inthe design, operation, construction and management of environmental protection project.

Now the department has more than 10 serving faculties. They have took on the construction tasks on environmental engineering teaching resources library of the national higher vocational education; edited 3 teaching materials, won the third prize of vocational education teaching achievement award, Shandong Province. In recent years, professors have completed the projects of Weifang city sound environmental function division planning and Weifang City Environmental protection thirteen-five period planning.

III Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

Professional characteristics:Biotechnology industry is one of the most promising industries, known as the sunrise industry, and will become the information industry after the world economy and a new leading industry. The revolution of biotechnology will provide new resources, new means and new ways for human social development, which will lead to new industrial revolution in the fields of medicine, agriculture, energy and materials, and effectively alleviate the health, food and resources of sustainable development of human society. Problem, so there is a broad space for development. The bio-industry is dominated by the country as seven emerging strategic industries, with environmental protection, health, sustainable development and other advantages. Biological medicine(the bioengineering and pharmaceutical industry)is one of the top ten areas of 2025 China's manufacturing focus, with great development prospects. Biological pharmaceuticals, bio-food, bio-energy, bio-environmental protection and a number of emerging industries are rapidly forming, strong demand for talent. At present, the province has various biotechnology development park 29, all kinds of technology development and product manufacturing enterprises more than 2,000, employment prospects.

The Professional teaching and research room drafted the basic requirements for teaching of biotechnology and Applied Specialty in higher Vocational Education organized by Ministry of Education,which will be a professional teaching standards in the country to promote the use of similar institutions, and participate in the construction of the resource library which is organized by Ministry of Education of Higher Vocational Education "Biotechnology and the application of professional teaching resource library".

The major has a campus training base led by biochemical research institute, which meets the basic requirements of teaching. It has cooperated with many large enterprise for a long time, such as Shandong Xinhua Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, Shandong Qilu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, Lunan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd, Shandong Lukang Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd, Shandong Huachen Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Weifang 3D Biological Engineering Group Co., Ltd, Shandong Weigao Group Co., Ltd ,etc. It has at least twenty bases which had Constructed by School and enterprise, which meets internship and employment needs. During the study, students can obtain many professional intermediate and above skills certificates issued by labor and social security department, such as Fermentation workers, Drug analyst, cultivar, Biochemical products, separation, pure chemical industry, which provides protection for high-quality employment.

Training objectives:Master high-tech skilled talents who grasp the basic theoretical knowledge and necessary skills on the pharmaceutical biotechnology professional, can engage in work on the production process of biological control, bacteria culture, purification,product analysis testing,product development, production management ,etc.

Major courses:Basic chemistry, biochemistry and experimental technology, microbiology and immunology, pharmacology, microbial fermentation, separation and purification technology, pharmaceutical technology, drug quality management, drug analysis and detection, pharmaceutical equipment and operation technology, enzyme, gene based technique.

Employment direction:Work in the enterprises that had been obtained ISO, GMP, HACCP certification, engage in the production process of biological control, bacteria culture, purification, detection and analysis of products, product development, marketing, production management. Many graduates can achieve high-quality employment because of talent demand and more jobs.

IV Food quality and safety professional enrollment materials

Employment orientation:The professional corresponding to the professional positions are the following categories: food production enterprises, food distribution enterprises, nutrition services and advisory bodies, food and drug supervision departments, technical supervision departments, inspection and quarantine departments and other units. Bear the food quality control, food quality audit, food safety supervision, nutrition consulting services, food testing and other jobs.

When students start work, the main occupational groups are: food quality and safety management positions, such as quality managers, food safety administrators, food service food safety administrators, etc .; food inspection positions, such as food inspection workers, livestock and poultry products inspection Workers, grain and oil quality inspection workers, aquatic products quality inspectors, packaging materials inspection workers, feed inspection workers.

After the employment of the students after the development of a group of food industry chain "quality engineering and technical personnel", such as quality engineers; food industry chain "food safety management personnel", such as food safety division; food service food safety administrator; food inspectors, such as Food inspection workers (senior workers and technicians); small and medium enterprises "food engineering and technical personnel", such as engineers; "management (industrial) engineering and technical personnel", such as workshop director.

Professional certificate:The professional implementation of the "double certificate" system, students should participate in the skills before graduation to obtain a vocational job with the core of a vocational qualification certificate, or for the core competence of the intermediate and above vocational skills certificate. In accordance with the relevant provisions of the national food quality and safety management regulations, obtain the quality engineer (primary) / food safety division (assistant) qualification certificate, or food safety administrator / food service food safety administrator training certificate. For those engaged in food inspection work, according to the relevant provisions of the national technical occupation employment system, students are advised to obtain food inspection workers (intermediate and above) vocational qualification certificate.

Encourage students to obtain relevant vocational qualification certificates (intermediate), such as: chemical inspection workers, pastries, bread bakers, beverage producers, dairy pretreatment workers, cooked meat processing workers, brewers, marketing staff , Public nutritionist, inspectors and so on.

curriculum structure:The course system is based on the "food quality management", "food safety control"learning courses, "food inspection technology", "food production technology" and other areas of learning courses to build. The main course can be set up such as food quality management technology, food safety control technology, food laws and regulations, standards, food microbiology (and testing technology), food sensory inspection technology, food processing technology, food physical and chemical testing technology, other compulsory courses optional food additives Application technology, food safety and rapid detection technology, food packaging technology.

Inside and outside the training base:Shandong Science and Technology Vocational College is located in the beautiful kite city of Weifang. Weifang City is an important food industry base in the country. The agricultural industrialization management model is a model for the whole country. The total output value of the food industry in the city is higher than that of many provinces. There are profits, Zhucheng Foreign Trade, Anqiu Foreign Trade, Weifang Meicheng, Changyi Xinchang and other large enterprises, Shouguang vegetables well - known. National Vegetable Quality Supervision and Inspection Center was built in Weifang, Weifang also built a nationwide only "Chinese food Valley." Relying on the basis of these industries, the professional established a close contact with the training base. Relying on the college meal logistics center, the establishment of a food processing training room, in the restaurant to establish a sales store, selling students own products. Food analysis testing laboratory equipment, strong technical force, often for enterprises to provide technical services. Teaching methods to take the workplace education mode, practical teaching, students can learn really hard. In recent years, Quality Supervision Bureau, Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, SGS-CSTC, China and other large countries and third-party testing organizations and colleges to work together to develop highly skilled personnel and accept employment.

Skill contest:Every year students have plans to take part in various professional competitions. Beginning in 2009, students participate in the national professional competition every year, access to food inspection workers first prize, second prize, group first prize and other awards, in May 2013, 2012 students Li Yajing participate in the food industry association held professional competition , Won the silver medal, and received the referee's comments appreciated. June 2014, 2012 students Wen Xiaofei, Li Yajing to participate in the national professional competition, won the national competition third prize. In April 2016, 2014 students Li Mingfang to participate in the National Food Industry Vocational Education and Teaching Steering Committee sponsored vocational skills competition, won the third prize.

Education resources:The professional training of food quality management, safety control professional and technical personnel, with perfect practice training conditions, the total value of training facilities within the school amounted to more than 1,000 million, and Weifang Food Valley, Weifang City Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, Weifang City Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau and other enterprises and institutions to maintain a good relationship of cooperation. Sun Qingrong is a member of the National Food Industry Vocational Education and Teaching Steering Committee. The course "Food Analysis and Testing" is awarded the Shandong Provincial Department of Education's boutique resource sharing project. The professional teaching team has obtained the training and staff education of Shandong Province. The first prize of a key issue, Shandong Province, Weifang City, a third prize of teaching achievement, Weifang City Science and Technology Progress Award two prize, Shandong Province, a senior university research award third prize, and presided over the national Spark plan And so on more than ten levels of teaching and research research topics. Professional students practical ability and innovation ability, nearly three years in the national vocational skills contest won the second prize once, the third prize twice the good results.

In recent years, food safety is related to the national economy and people's livelihood is highly concerned about the professional graduates because of strong professional skills, get started quickly by the employing units highly recognized, the food companies, the official testing agencies, third-party testing agencies and other units to the school ahead Food quality supervision, food safety supervision, nutrition consulting services, food testing and other positions, high wages, good working environment, high quality of employment, by the majority of parents and students recognized. Welcome candidates apply for the professional.


V Introduction of industrial analysis

profession feature:Industrial analysis technology is known as the “eyes”of industrial and agricultural production and the “adviser”of scientific research.It is the cradle of analysis and laboratory talents.

As a kind of test work,its industry coverage and application fields are very wide.With the industrial structure adjustment and the development of chemical industry in our province,there are more demands for reliable analysis data supplied by industial analysts.

This profession is equiped with professional experiment training room which can simulate the real project test,and has a good relationship with Qingdao Huace and Qingdao Tongbiao,fully carrying out Educate-in-workplace pattern.The students could acquire the junior or senior chemical analyst professional qualification certificate dring their school time.The students took part in the national contests of vocational colleges industrial analysis test for years and won the award for second and third group award successively.In 2016,we won the first prize of Shandong skill contest of industrial analysis test.

training objectives:Cultivate the talents with good professional ethics and professional accomplishment ,grasp modern analysis technology which contains basic theory ,professional knowledge and basic skills ,and can engage in analysis and inspection ,quality supervision ,lab organization and management in chemical ,petroleum ,medicine ,food, environmental protection ,metallurgy ,construction materials ,commodity inspection and other related industries.

Major course:Basic Chemistry, Chemical Analysis and Testing Techniques ,Instrument Analysis and Testing Techniques ,Industial Anslysis ,Organization and Management of Chemical Experiment ,Environmental Analysis and Testing ,Food and Drug Analysis ,Chemical Product Analysis and Testing ,Organic Analysis ,Gasoline Analysis.

employment orientation:After graduation ,students are able to work in chemical industry ,environmental protection ,petroleum ,light industry ,medicine ,metallurgy geology ,construction materials and other field s,engaged in the chemical composition and structure analysis of raw materials ,environmental testing ,the organization of inspection and laboratory management .Engaged in chemical analysis ,technology management ,product quality control ,modern instructure analysis in foreign trade ,commodity inspection ,food, textile ,cosmetics and other industries .At the same time ,the students of this profession can also take part in the Shandong Top-up exam to enter undergraduate study.

VI Aquaculture

Specialty characteristic:The aquaculture major, as ademonstration featured specialty supported by the state, is an important science and education power of national marine strategy and the construction of marine Shandong. The major, with the aim of culturing Technical skilled personnel, include three field: Aquatic animal medicine , culturing and Disease Prevention of Ornamental aquarium andlarvae rearing of aquatic animals. Our major were undertaking the responsibility of supplying qualified talents for the efficient eco-agriculture efficient eco-agriculture of Shandong bygraduates with Skilled vocational skills and highly professional spirit.

Educational target: Provide the students with fundamental theories and knowledge of Aquatic animal breeding, Ornamental aquarium culturing and Water environment regulation. Qualify them with the skill of cultivation and breeding of Aquatic animal, microorganism tests and disease diagnosis, treatment and prevention. Enable them to Administrate Aquaculture Enterprises.

Major coursesZoology, Fish breeding techniques, Shellfish culture techniques, Shrimp and crab aquaculture technology Biological bait culture technique Water environment chemistry diseases Diagnosis and control of aquatic animal recreational fishery.

Employment directionAquaculture Enterprises, Aquatic feed producing enterprises, Aquatic micro ecology product promotion Aquatic product processing Ocean Aquarium Fishery Administration System.

VII Feed and animal nutrition

Professional characteristics: TheProfessionisThe regional coordinated development strategy important science and educationof the national ocean development strategy and the shandong peninsula blue economic zone, the Yellow River delta efficient ecological economic zone, andIt is dedicatedto cultivatethe excellenttalentswho produce human edible animal food production .It is the model characteristic and vocational skills specialty of national key support for the construction . In order to cultivate entrepreneurial talent as the goal, its graduates have skilled professional skills and highly professional dedication,and itstalents are in short supply .Feed and animal nutrition profession including animal nutrition and livestock and poultry epidemic prevention and control and feed analysis and quality supervision and other professional direction, mainly cultivate master feed ratio of nutrition, nutritional value, feed market, veterinary theory and disease prevention and control technology, production and sales both breeding livestock and poultry (pet) production technology, to meet the needs of the development of animal husbandry and veterinary industry and self-employment ability of animal doctor .In recent years, depend on the pattern of university-enterprise cooperation and cultivation of talents on the practice base, a graduate can be competent for the labor post .The technical service talents on aquatic animal diseases and on market fishery medicine ,feed, microecological products have a huge impact in the modern vocational education..

Training goal:Graduates grasp the necessary animal nutrition and animal (pet) disease diagnosis and treatment technology basic theory, animal husbandry and aquaculture production technology, grasp the feed quality management, inspection tests, feed production, feed formula design, production management marketing and aquaculture industry such as animal breeding, disease prevention and control technology and technology popularization and development of animal science and animal medicine basic theory, cultivate high-quality skilled and animal husbandry and veterinary professionals with the ability to self-employment.

Major in course:Animal nutrition, animal (pet) for disease diagnosis and prevention and control technology, feed raw materials and formulation design, analysis and testing technology of feed, aquatic feed processing technology and equipment, animal embryos and physiology, aquatic biological basis, regulation and control of water for aquaculture environment technology, food processing and security

Obtain employment direction:feed marketing, after-sale service, inspection and quarantine, animal diseases in veterinary medicine production and sales enterprises engaged in veterinary medicine production and management, the aquatic product technology service enterprises, fish feed integrated service enterprises and self-employed entities, breeding, etc., can also be to feed management and supervision departments at all levels, etc. At the same time, this major can take part in the entrance examination of shandong province.

VIII Technology of Optometry

Specialty characteristics: This major, which is a new complex of Medicine, Industry and Commerce, will be run jointly by China, South Korea and Taiwan. Graduates are supposed to master skills of optometry and can skillfully use ophthalmic and optical advanced instruments and equipment. With modern apprenticeship and the double-main-body education, to cultivate students by using the method of integrated teaching, learning and application. The double-main-body education is manifested in the school-enterprise teaching places, the school-enterprise dual-mentor system, theoretical learning and technical training. The objective lies in cultivating students' ability of professional development, shortening their adaptation period to even non-adaptation.

Education cultivating purpose: To cultivate well-educated elite who has the ability of skilled optometry and management. Graduates can work as glasses seller, optometrist, Contact lens fitting staff and glasses detection personnel, instrument maintaining and eyeglasses store manager.

Main Courses: Ophthalmology, Optical theory and method, Eye disease, Refraction check, Ophthalmic Optics, An Introduction to eyeglasses, Contact lenses, Assemble spectacle technology, Optometry, Glasses and materials technology, Optical instrument and operation (internships included), Marketing and Management, Glass Design, Optical equipment installation, commissioning, repair and maintenance.

Occupational Direction: Eye Hospital, glasses seller, optometrist, Contact lens fitting staff and glasses detection personnel, instrument maintaining and eyeglasses store manager. Preferable employment units are Weifang Eye Hospital, Taiwan Bao Dao Eyeglasses Store, Qingdao Hengdeli Eyeglasses Store, Qingdao Aishi Eyeglasses Store, Qingdao Sheng’Ai Ophthalmology, Qilu Tongren Eyeglasses Store, Jiang yukun Eyeglasses Store, Mingrunshiguang Eyeglasses Store, Weifang Jiaoyu Eyeglasses Store and so on. Many students also start their own eyeglasses stores.


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