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School of Mechanical Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering was founded in September 2001, which is one of the earliest departments established by our college. It is now consist the following majors: 4 Higher Vocational Specialty such as Mechanical manufacturing and automation, Mechanical design and manufacturing, Numerical control technology, Mold design and manufacturing…Besides we also have one Specialized training major called "3+2" segment training pilot. And now we have 1,200 students and 32 teachers. We have a high quality teacher team which contains more than 80% Dual quality teachers and 50% of them have got a masters degree.

These years, Department of Mechanical Engineering is in strict accordance with the Ministry of education lays down the target of personnel training, Adhere to the road of the development of a combination of research, to improve the quality as the core, to enhance the characteristics of focus, adhere to the "School enterprise co education, Germany and energy simultaneously, Combined use of the brain and the mind, comprehensive development " concept, training a large number of qualified talents for the society, the employment rate of graduates has remained above 99%. A large number of graduates in the FAW Volkswagen, China Zhongche, George, Weichai Power, Beiqi Futian large listed companies, the quality of personnel training by the students, parents and employers welcomed and recognized.

Over the years, with the joint efforts of faculty and staff, the Department of mechanical engineering has made gratifying achievements:

 In 2008, mechanical manufacturing and automation specialty was selected as the national demonstration vocational colleges provincial demonstrative specialty;

 In 2011, national demonstration vocational colleges provincial demonstrative specialty of mechanical manufacturing and automation specialty, smooth acceptance by the Ministry of education;

 In 2011, mechanical manufacturing and Automation Specialty in Shandong Province Office of education of Shandong province specialty;

In 2011, mechanical manufacturing and automation specialty of mechanical design and manufacturing curriculum "was named the provincial quality course group;

 In 2011, CNC technology, mold design and manufacturing specialty approved by the college level specialty;

 In 2011 the application of "Mechanics", "mechanical drawing and 3D modeling", "machine design foundation and practice", "NC programming and machining course named" four provincial excellent courses;

 In 2012, a team of mechanical manufacturing and automation teaching was recommended as the provincial teaching team;

 In 2014, modern manufacturing specialty group by the Education Department of Shandong Province approved as a provincial brand specialty group, key construction.

 In 2014, "NC programming and machining" curriculum resources in Shandong Province, a fine of adult higher education sharing class.

 In 2015, the Ministry of Education approved the Department of mechanical engineering with the George Limited by Share Ltd to carry out joint modern apprenticeship pilot.

 In 2016 Shandong Provincial Department of Education approved by the Department of mechanical engineering with the George Limited by Share Ltd to carry out joint provincial modern apprenticeship pilot.

 In 2016, machinery manufacturing and automation and mechanical and electronic engineering Shandong University of Science and Technology undergraduate professional development through the "3+2" segment training pilot.

As of the end of 2015 the students obtain utility model patents more than 500 teachers and students to participate in the national and provincial level professional skills contest won first prize 10, two prize 9, at the forefront of the same college;

Department of mechanical engineering has been adhering to the "pragmatic, rigorous style of work, from Germany, Singapore and other countries of advanced education concept, pioneering spirit, follow the" all for students, for all students, for all students "philosophy of education, to cultivate a large number of outstanding graduates, widely recognized by society and parents.

I Mould design and manufacturing specialty


Professional features introductionThe professional oriented mold industry, training to master professional theoretical knowledge necessary to operate and maintain, with mold design, skilled craft planning, mold manufacturing, mold repair, assembly and commissioning, processing equipment, and production technology, organization and management ability, high-quality technical talents in machinery, automobile, mould and home appliances, electronics and other industries as designers, technicians, mold processing equipment, mold assembly debugging operator and molding equipment operators and inspectors and other positions.

Professional was founded in 2003, over the years to strengthen professional teaching reform, innovation of school enterprise double subjects of talent training, and mold enterprises, training a large number of specialized personnel to meet business needs, skilled use of CAD/CAM, UG, and other modern mold design and mold flow analysis tool. In 2014, the specialty was appraised as the school level characteristic specialty.

Employment direction:Graduates mainly face machinery, mold, automotive, electronics, home appliances and other industries, engaged in mold design, mold manufacturing, mold production management, equipment management, quality management, mold marketing and so on. The professional students widely employed in the FAW Volkswagen, Fukuda mold, GoerTek shares, bold technology and other large listed companies, is relatively high salary levels of the industry.

II Machinery design and manufacture

Professional features introductionIn modern mechanical design, advanced manufacturing technology as the core, using computer as a tool, based on the basic theories of mechanical design and manufacturing and the basic method of learning, product design, advanced manufacturing, rapid prototyping and quality control method. For machinery, automobiles, household appliances, aviation and other industries, training to engage in product design and development, the structure of the reverse processing, process and tooling design, product manufacturing, quality inspection and other positions, high-quality technical talents to adapt to the development of modern manufacturing industry.

Professional advanced technology of modern manufacturing technology such as targeting reverse design, 3D printing rapid prototyping technology, three coordinate measuring technology, the development of talent training mode research, focus on training students in mechanical product design, advanced manufacturing technology and quality control and innovation ability. Students independently developed many products in the mechanical and electrical products innovation design competition in Shandong Province, University, robot contest and other related competitions won the first prize.

Employment directionThe scope of the employment of students, in all types of production enterprises and scientific research units engaged in mechanical design and product design; but also in automobile manufacturing, rail transportation, shipbuilding industry, light industry, electronics and other industries engaged in process design, production management, quality management etc..

III Mechanical manufacturing and automation

Professional features introduction:This specialty is national demonstration professional, province specialty, provincial brand specialty group of key construction professionals, the Ministry of education first modern apprenticeship pilot professional; professional 15 full-time teachers, in 2012 was named the provincial teaching team; professional training mode of "five in one" the implementation of innovative talents, the formation of "school enterprise co education, combination of work and study" educational feature, students won several national and provincial contest awards, the annual reporting more than 100 national patents; professional has the domestic advanced machining, CNC machining, electronics, PLC, CAD/CAM and other training rooms and more than 20 training bases, training of students' practical ability.

Employment directionProfessional training for modern mechanical manufacturing industry, familiar with modern manufacturing and control technology in modern machining equipment operation, modern mechanical and electrical equipment installation and commissioning, technical management work, to high-quality technical talents in the development of modern machinery manufacturing industry. Graduates are employed in the FAW Volkswagen, China Zhongche, GoerTek shares, Weichai Power Units, the quality of graduates received by employers.

IV Numerical control technology professional introduction

Specialty introduction: in order to adapt to China's manufacturing and machinery manufacturing industry transformation and upgrading of demand, the professional training to master solid professional basic knowledge, skilled professional operation ability, has the good professional quality and ability to innovate, qualified for nc machining technology, CNC programming, numerical control machine tool operation, simple CNC machine maintenance and troubleshooting, quality inspection and control on CNC technology working skills of high-quality technical personnel.

Over the years, actively promote the teaching reform in the area, the development of \"teaching\" the integration of teaching, more courses was named provincial excellent courses and boutique resources sharing, and is committed to carry out business teaching, achieve really, really, really do, students won many prizes in provincial vocational skills competitions, graduates is well received by the employment unit, featuring college recognized professional in early 2014.

Obtain employment direction: the professional talents of social demand is very big, graduate employment for all the machinery industry, especially the related technology content is higher in nc machining: CNC machine operators, nc programming, the numerical control processing engineer, nc machining inspector, numerical control machine tool maintenance.In recent years, a large number of graduates employment units have the car group CSR sifang vehicles co., LTD., song, acoustics co., LTD., faw Volkswagen and other listed companies.

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