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Shandong Vocational College of Science&Technology is attached to Shandong Commission of Economy and Information and Shandong Education Department, which was founded in 1978. It became a higher vocational college in 2001 and one of one hundred National Demonstration Colleges in 2008.

Currently, we have two campuses, which are Fuyan Moutain Campus and Binhai Campus. 16,000 full-time students are studying in our college. Our education covers 48 majors, such as textile and garment, applied foreign languages, economic management, machinery, construction, biology and chemical, information, aquaculture, media arts, automobile, and 4 majors of “3+2 cooperative programs” with Universities included. There are 3 national excellent courses, 43 provincial excellent courses, 6 provincial teaching groups in our college. We have won 2 second prizes of National Teaching Results, 17 Provincial Teaching Awards, 16 National Textile Education Teaching Awards. 70,000 skilled-talents have been cultivated and the employment rate has been above 98% in consecutive years, making great contributions to provincial economic and social development.

The colleges has been featured by “industry-education-research integrated, job-market-oriented cultivation, International and modernized school-running” with its development.

We adhere to industry-education-research integrated college-running pattern.We have established the platform for students’ cultivation with over 500 leading enterprises, such as CRRC Corp, Faw-Volkswagen, Foton, Lenovo, Weichai Power. Cyberspace Security College has been established with Inspur Group, GoerTek College has been established with GoerTek Group, Lutai College has been established with Lutai Group, exploring new models for Secondary College. We have the first Postdoctoral Innovative Training Base of higher vocational colleges around the country. And we recruit postdoctoral fellows with the cooperation of BJTU. We have built Shandong Intelligent Manufacturing Training Base, which meets the demand of the market for skilled talents and promotes the integration of talent training, scientific research innovation, professional construction and industry development. 4 provincial skill-service platforms, 3 municipal research platforms and 11 college professional research institutions are on campus.

Applied research and technical service are getting improved. We have developed 300 programs of college-enterprise cooperation and technical service, and attracted nearly 10 million Yuan as the grant for recent 3 years. It is three times as much as the average funds of higher vocational colleges in Shandong. We have undertaken 3 National Spark Science&Technology Projects, 157 city/department-level science&research projects, 9 Key Provincial Projects for Upgrading Technology and Technical Innovation , 1 “Two-Region” Construction Project of Shandong, and 2 provincial talent-training projects. Moreover, we have got 195 achievement awards of/above city/department-level and 9 advancement awards of Weifang. Our college has been the center of science&technology development and technical service of minor enterprises in Weifang as well as surrounding areas, and has been awarded Advanced Unit for serving minor enterprises by Weifang City. We have 17 training bases for badly-needed talents and skilled workers. And we have 20 thousand person-times trained every year.

We put forward of the model of job-market-oriented cultivation.We positively put this model into effect. The teachers study the demand of talents every year, to analyze and predict the change of it for every next three years, so they can make dynamic goals for students. The teaching contents are associated with occupational standards and practice. The enterprise projects, tasks, productions and situations are brought into class and teaching materials. Teaching is connected with producing, and students are the dominant role in class. The curriculum and school-based books are developed with the cooperation of enterprises, based on the professional standard. At present, we have 42 courses, which are cooperated with enterprises, and 390 college-based teaching books. 3 modern apprenticeship pilot projects of Shandong Province are carried out, becoming one of the first pilot project units of Education Department.

The action-oriented curriculum reform was started in 2014. Over 600 courses have been reformed and the process of teaching and learning has been changed by information technology. 2 “future classrooms” has been used to support the offline flipped class, to integrate information technology into teaching process and provide the way of job-market-oriented cultivation. This reform is one case of the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” of Education Department, taking its place in the front ranks of the similar colleges.

We attach innovation and entrepreneurial ability to great importance. We have brought it into Five-in-one talent-training system and established innovation and entrepreneurial base for students. We gave the grant for students to apply for national patents from 2008. 3985 patents have been applied, 708 of them are for invention, and 421 of them got licenses. Our college is awarded the only Intellectual Property Demonstration Unit by IPO of Shandong.

We focus on the quality and moral education, to build the brand of voluntary service, and enhance students’ social responsibilities. The voluntary service becomes the characteristic of our college since 3000 students went to be volunteers in Beijing Olympics, together with other activities such as 60th Anniversary National Day Ceremony, Shanghai Expo, and National Athletic Meet. Physical education is an important part, too. We also have excellent achievements in this field. Our men’s basketball team won last eight champions of Group B in the CUBA Games, and women’s basketball team won four champions of it, and won the second place in the 6thnational basketball championship of higher vocational colleges in 2016. Our men’s volleyball team won two champions of Shandong league match for undergraduates in 2015 and 2016. Our men’s football team won the second place of it in 2015, and won the champion in 2016. Our taekwondo team won 32 gold, 13 silver and 13 bronze medal in nine championships for undergraduates, being the top of national higher vocational colleges. Our lion dancing team and martial art team were invited to perform in Germany.

We conduct active International exchange and cooperation.Our International education started early and have a great influence. We explored ways of exchange and cooperation with Korean universities from 1997, and now we have established friendly and cooperative relations with 122 universities or colleges from 25 countries, such as Germany, Australia, in the aspects of teachers and students exchange, mutual recognition of credit, cooperative education program and scientific and technological development. We have 7 cooperative majors with Fachhochschule Nordhessen in Germany andYeungnam University in Korea.Over 1000 foreign students came to study in the past five years from 25 countries, such as Russia, India, Pakistan. 284 person-times were invited to teach from America, Britain, etc., and 214 person-times were sent overseas to exchange. The seminar of international agriculture industrialization, the seminar of China-Korea higher vocational colleges, the forum of China-Korea optometry technical expertise were undertaken by our college, which had effect on education Internationalization.

Furthermore, Our college has been authorized as the testing centers of TOEFL, GRE, OPIK, JLPT, BEC, International IT by Education Department, which serve those who need to attend these tests.

We make every effort to promote modernized school-running.The modernization reform of management system was the breakthrough gap of comprehensive reform. We made regulations, introduced quality management system, to develop modern system of college management. Everyone is responsible, things get ordered, and we have standard, goals, routine check and ways of innovation. The reform has been getting into form gradually, playing a role in promoting the development of our college. The teaching departments are emphasized, and the efficiency of comprehensive management has been improved. The specialty constructions, teaching activities, scientific research, students’ management and social service are in the charge of teaching departments. The department leaders get more responsible, so that it will stimulate their career passion to make more contribution to the development of college.

The strength and reputation take where we are today. Our graduates have been marked as highly professional, innovative and potential. The average employment rate has been above 98% for years, and 30% got employed in large enterprises. The leading enterprises, such as CSR Sifang, Weichai Power, Lutai Textile, recruit graduates from our college in years.

Our college has been awarded as “National Pioneer Worker”, “National Outstanding Contribution Unit for Skilled-talent Training”, “National Demonstration College of Education Reform”, “Shandong Civilized Unit”, “Shandong Advanced Group of Vocational Education”, “Shandong Advanced Group of Employment”. Our college undertook the 5th Construction Achievement Exhibition of national demonstration colleges in November, 2012. We won highly praised for school-running and development, and we got “Outstanding Contribution Award”.

We will keep making efforts to improve overall level and social service ability of our college, to make contributions to local economic and social development and promote leaping development of our college.

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