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School of Economic Management

The School of Economic Management has six majors, which are International Economics and Trade, Logistics Management, Accounting, Enterprise Management, Business Management, and Property Management. There are more than 3000 students who are studying in here. We have a training base built by Ministry of Education and Provincial Department of Education together for training teachers of the major of finance and economics in higher vocational colleges. We also have a key major which is supported strongly by central finance, and has one provincial teaching team, one provincial specialty major, one provincial excellent resource sharing course, two provincial excellent curriculum groups, eleven provincial excellent courses, one college excellent curriculum group, fifteen college excellent courses. As teaching achievements, the students won 39 first or second prizes in provincial and national competitions. Today, we have 18 campus training bases and build 117 off-campus training bases with well-known enterprises together, such as Sinotrans (Beijing, Tianjin, Qingdao and other branch companies), China Railway Group Limited, Alibaba Group, JD Group, Shandong E-commerce Education Technology Group, SF Express, Beiqi Foton Motor Co., Ltd., Huiyuan Group , Greentown Group, Qinhao (Beijing) Property Management Limited which promote employment and practice strongly. Recent years, the employment rate of graduates has remained above 98%.

International Economics and Trade (cross-border E-commerce direction) is an excellent special major, which is co-built by our school and Shandong E-commerce Education Technology Group which could build a incubation base for our school's students to cultivate them to become cross-border E-commerce talents through its cooperation platform in which Alibaba Group, NetEase, JD Group, SUNING Commerce Group Co., Ltd. and others well-known enterprises would be responsible for teaching students and recruiting them by Mutual choice.

I International Economics and Trade

Major Characteristics:We take all-round cooperation with more than 30 enterprises, such as Alibaba Group, to build training bases, to make teaching and training programs, to reconstruct the curriculum system, and to research and development courses.

To implement the talent training model described as "workplace experience and trade combat"

We take school-enterprise cooperation model as the talent incubator of Cross-Border E-Commerce major, for example, to co-build the Cross-Border E-Commerce talent training base and special class with Alibaba Group.

Achivements :A course names Foreign Trade Documents Operation won the national typical example of mixed teaching of Online and Offline.

Main Courses:Basic International Trade, Import and Export Business, Cross-border E-commerce, Cross-border Art Designing, Foreign Trade Documents Operation, Customs and Inspection, Marketing Planning, Foreign Trade Correspondence, International Freight Forwarding, Basic Economics, Business Etiquette, Management Skills, International Business Law, Business Negotiations, Human Resources Management, Basic Accounting.

Career Choices:Foreign trade companies, foreign trade enterprises, foreign economic and trade sectors and related units, cross-border e-commerce, network marketing, import and export business, document production, customs and inspection, the international market development jobs.

II Logistics Management

Major Characteristics:It is a compound service industry integrated transport, warehousing, freight forwarding industry and information industry.

New Sunrise Industry; One of the top 10 most popular majors; One of the 12 shortest professionals; Talents in this major are in great and urgent social need and have brilliant career prospective.

Pattern of the talents training: Combination of work and study by Four Stages on Progressive Ability.

To co-build training base with enterprises as the real practical teaching and learning platform.

Achivements: We also have a key major which is supported strongly by central finance, and have two provincial excellent curriculum groups.

Career Choices:Logistics sector in logistics enterprises, ports, customs, freight companies, industrial and commercial enterprises; students could be engaged in logistics operations and management jobs in storage and transportation departments in railways, highways, civil aviation.

III Accounting

Major Characteristics:To implement the training mode of the four integrated talents: "to integrate the training part with the course, to integrate the certificate with the course, to integrate the match with the course and to integrate the teaching with research";

To incorporate vocational qualifications training course into the professional program, and build a systematic course system of " integration of course, certification and match".

To combine the outline of professional certificate exam and the outline of professional teaching, to integrate the working process with the course, to integrate the certificate with the course, to achieve "zero distance" in teaching and vocational ability requirements.

Main courses:Basic Accountancy, Laws of Finance and Professional Ethics, Financial Accounting Practice, Accounting Informatization, Financial Management, Enterprise cost accounting, Auditing, Introduction of Economy Law, Statistic Analysis and Application, Practice of Modern Finance, Application of Excel in Finance, Training Course of Accounting Informatization.

Career Choices:Accounting, auditing and statistics position of some enterprises, institutions, Banks and other economic organizations; Accounting, auditing supervisors of small enterprises, institutions and other small economic organizations; The cashier position of enterprises, Banks, small enterprises and other small economic organizations.

IV Enterprise Administration

Major Characteristics: Complexity and generality. To cultivate the complex management talents;

Professional Honors: "Shandong Provincial Specialty Major", "Shandong Provincial Teaching Team", "Shandong Provincial High Quality Courses".

Advanced talent training mode: the three-layered and combined between production and training mode of "Experience first – projects based - entrepreneurship sprite"; To cultivate the management talent of well-operated, well-executed and well-determined.

Main courses: Enterprise Operation Management, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Financial Management, Organizational Behavior, Management of sand, Quality Management, Logistics Management, Stock Investment, Business Negotiation, Importing & Exporting Business, Management Skills, Economic Practice, E-commerce, Comprehensive training.

Career Choices:The position of operation management, administrative management, production management, marketing management, human resource management, project management, financial management, quality management or logistics management of some Enterprises and institutions.

V Business Management

Major Characteristics: To develop the complex talents in marketing and E-commerce;

To carry out the training mode of "corporate cooperation and business practice" in the form of real enterprise operation project..

To exercise students' e-commerce and marketing ability through the establishment of e-commerce companies and online stores.

Main courses:Marketing and Planning, Management Skills, Business Etiquette, Business Negotiation, E-commerce, Network Marketing, Channel Management, Consumer Behavior, Market Research and Forecasting, Human Resource Management, Importing & Exporting Business, Advertising, Economic Low, Stock Investment.

Career Choices:The position of marketing management, marketing planning, market research and analysis, sales force management, customer management, financial services, Internet marketing or e-commerce of Enterprises and institutions, financial institutions etc.

VI Property Management

Major Characteristics:The demand gap is large. According to the statistics, the national property management covers only 15% of the total amount of the property; the economic developed cities are only 35%. The market space of the property management in the future is very large;

According to the authoritative department, the talent in property management is the third in the latest trend of "hot" jobs.

The practical teaching facilities are perfected, and the students can make full use of the operation ability.

Main courses:Practice of Property Management, Management Skills, Laws of Property Management, Property Facility Management, Real Estate Economic Analysis, Real Estate Marketing Planning, Building Structure and Chart, Community Environmental Construction and Management, Financial Management, Psychology, Statistic Analysis and Application, Business Negotiation, Human Resource Management.

Career Choices:The professional graduates are mainly engaged in the property management of enterprises and institutions, as well as real estate management such as leasing, transferring, appraisal and marketing position.

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