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School of Electromechanical Engineering

The Mechanical and Electrical Department was established in September 2001,and it is one of the earliest departments in our school. Now the department set up five specialties, they are the Electromechanical integration technology, Electrical automation technology, Electromechanical equipment maintenance and management, Applied electronic technology and Industry robot technology respectively. There are about 2300 students; the proportion of double-quality teacher is above 80% and master’s degrees teachers account for 70%. The Electromechanical integration technology specialty has been honored as a featured major by Shandong Province andthe teaching team is provincial. Eight courses were selected as the provincial excellent course. The teachers and students have carried out technology service for enterprises about 30 items, have hold more than 200 patents and win 40 awards in various skill contests. The graduate employment rate has remained at 99% for 8 consecutive years. A large number of graduates are employed by CRCC, FAW-Volkswagen, Goertek Company, SDNPC, etc. The talent training quality is praised by the employers, the parents and the graduates. The satisfaction rate of graduate is above 99%.

I Electromechanical integration technology

Specialty characteristicThe specialty is the featured major of Shandong province and provincial brand major. It has High-quality teachers and perfect teaching facilities. Teachers team is honored as the provincial excellent teaching team, the students have hold more than 100 patents and win 30 awards in various skill contests.The electromechanical integration technology is the new comprehensive technology and it was formed gradually during the microelectronics technology was applied to the traditional machinery.As the integrated extension of machinery manufacturing,electrical automation, information technology, the market demand is vigorous. The graduates worked in CRCC, FAW-Volkswagen, Goertek Company, SDNPC, etc. and they got excellent appraised.The graduate employment rate has remained at 99% for 8 consecutive years.

Main courseEngineering Drawing, AutoCAD,Engineering Materials,Electrical and Electronic Technology and Practice, Mechanical Design Foundation and Practice, Motor Driving and Maintenance, Sensor Detection and Practice, Electrical Control and PLC,Hydraulic and Pneumatic Technology,Mechanical Parts Processing and Quality Control,CNC Programming and Machining, Industry Robot Technology, etc.

II Electrical automation technology

Specialty characteristicThe teaching team of the specialty is made up of double-quality professional teachers who have rich practical experience and teaching experience. There are many teaching modes, such as work-learning combination, learning-operation integration, and learning-reach interaction. On the basis of theoretical study, pay attention to cultivating the students’ practical ability. Four courses were selected as the provincial excellent course. There are many training rooms, such as electronic technology training room, PLC training room, single chip microcomputertraining room, factory electrical control training room, sensor training room, motor driving training room, flexible automatic production line training room,factory power supply and distribution training room and other outside practice bases.A large number of graduates are employed by CRCC, FAW-Volkswagen, Goertek Company, SDNPC, etc.and they got excellently appraised. The graduates have splendid skill and the talents are in situation of short supply.

Main courseProfessional courses: Electronic Circuit Analysis and Practice,Principle and Application of motor, Sensor Detection Technology,Single-chip Microcomputer technology and application, Principle and Application of PLC, Factory Electrical Control, Power Electronics and Inverter Technology, Power Supply System Operation and Maintenance.

Practice training: electronic technology training,single chip microcomputer training,sensor training,motor driving training,factory electrical control training,PLC training,assembly and debugging of automatic production line etc.

III Applied electronic technology

Specialty characteristicThe specialty was set up in 2002 and used the oriented training mode like in workplace over years.For students, attending class is to go to work, the homework is product, and the score is the salary, so they are encouraged to study hard. All the teachers aredouble qualified teachers. In order to effectively guarantee the students' theoretical study and carry out the practical operation smoothly, 11 experimental training rooms and a number of off campus training bases have been established.Over the years, students have hold more than 20 patents on utility models, and have won nearly 40 prizes in various competitions.Graduates are in short supply.A large number of graduates are employed by CRCC, Goertek Company, BYVIN, etc. The talent training quality is praised by the employers. The graduate employment rate has remained at 99% for many years.

Main courseElectronic Circuit Analysis and Practice, Single-chip Microcomputer Technology and Application,Factory Electrical Control and PLC,Sensor and Detection Technology,Internet of Things Technology,Electronic Measurement Technology,Design of Small Smart Electronic Products, Maintenance and Maintenance of Electronic Products,Electronic Circuit CAD,C Programming Language,Electronic Product Manufacturing Process and corresponding training.

IV Industry robot technology

Specialty characteristicIn order to adapt to China's manufacturing transformation upgrading and to implement of "China made 2025", the industrial robot technology major is established newly. Thehigher vocational talents who specialize in industry robot are needed urgently in Shandong province. The teachers and teaching conditions are superior in our college. To make the students to be highly qualified and skilled talents, the students are trained in the software ability, the hardware ability and the engineering application ability. The graduates can engage in the design and development, programming, debugging, operation and maintenance of robot equipment and can also engaged in technical support, sales or after-sales service in the industrial robot manufacturing enterprises.

Main courseElectrical and Electronics Technology, Robotics Fundamental,Robot Mechanical Foundation,Robot Drive Technology, Installation and Debugging of Industrial Robot,Industrial Robot Programming and Simulation,Integration and Debugging of Industrial Robot Workstation,Robot Detection Technology,Robot Communication Technology,Typical Application Process of Industrial Robot, etc.

V Electromechanical equipment maintenance and management

Specialty characteristicThe teaching team has rich enterprise experience and the training condition is perfect. The students can receive basic skills training in maintenance and maintenance of mechanical and electrical equipment. In order to enable students to master advanced knowledge and skills, and enhance employment competitiveness, we attach great importance to the cultivation of students' innovative ability, especially in the areas of automation and information technology. With the development of mechanical and electrical equipment, higher requirements have been put forward to the talents in the maintenance and management of the equipment. All walks of life have an urgent need for professionals. The graduates can meet the demand for talents in Enterprises. A large number of graduates are employed by CRCC, FAW-Volkswagen, Goertek Company, Prestolite electric, etc. and they got excellently appraised. The quality of employment is high.

Main courseEngineering Drawing, Engineering Materials,Interchangeability and Measuring Technology,Mechanical Design, Mechanical Manufacture Technology,Electrical and Electronics Technology, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Technology,Factory Electrical Control and PLC,NC Machining Technology,Electromechanical equipment Installation and Maintenance,Mechanical Assembly Technology, Industrial Robot

Technology, etc.

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