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School of Constructional Engineering

The School of architectural Engineering was founded in 2001. We have six majors, which are architectural engineering technology, architectural engineering management, architectural decoration engineering, municipal engineering, surveying and geographic information technology, and“3+2 type”applied undergraduate program, that is architectural engineering technology cooperated with Shandong architectural University. It is one of the key programs supported by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance, the training base for outstanding architectural engineering teachers of higher vocational college, and the vice-director unit of Shandong modernized education alliance of architectural industry. There are 2000 students and 41 teachers in the school. The double-qualified teachers account for 80%.architectural engineering technology specialty teaching team of shandong provincial teaching team,we have 6 provincial excellent courses,and we have 260 patents.“College cooperated with enterprises to promote students’abilities”has been the talent training mode and“in-class practice, analogue simulation, situation simulation training”has been the practical teaching system.We also have laboratories of architectural mechanics, testing rooms of engineering materials, CAD drafting rooms, training rooms of estimation of civil engineering quantity and cost, architectural technology rooms and Luban workshop.95% of the students got vocational certificates. The employment rate of graduates has been above 99% for resent five years.

I Architectural engineering technology

Professional characteristicsArchitectural engineering technology was established in 2002, with 2,897 graduates and broad employment prospects. Relying on the architectural group of shandong wansda construction group,tianyuan construction group, the construction of the great writers such as practical teaching base, around "the builder" as the core of the "five ministers" training objectives, to build "production, post education" training mode. We now have more than 2, 000 square meters of construction engineering technical training center, with a total value of more than 3 million yuan..Construction engineering technology teaching evaluation of provincial excellent teaching team, team shandong province department of education has five provincial excellent courses, teachers and students won the first prize in the national skills contest twice, the second prize five times.

Job orientationConstruction administrative departments, architectural design institute, construction companies, real estate development companies, such as engineering consulting unit work, engaged in the builder, budget engineer, inspector, security officer, BIM technology application engineer etc.

II Architectural engineering technology docking to engineering management “3+2” professional

Professional characteristics:Shandong vocational college of science and architectural engineering technology docking shandong construction university engineering management major, is in shandong province education department in 2013, the first three years of the training and 2 years of undergraduate counterpart of segmented pilot undergraduate majors. After graduation, the student received a bachelor's degree in shandong architecture university and received a bachelor's degree.

Throughout this professional advanced "project, the career education personnel training mode, curriculum system construction industry actual revised timely, adequate experimental training conditions, has a provincial teaching team, teaching process is rigorous.

Carry out the second classroom, set up professional associations, such as communities of ruban knowledge chart drawing, pioneer of surveying and mapping geographic information club, engineering cost, organization to participate in national, provincial and municipal various competition; To carry out the pacesetter dormitory, star study area, the most beautiful good grades of students, all sorts of activities such as ball games, the second classroom as an effective complement the first class, enrich students' spare life, create a good academic atmosphere, unity and progressive atmosphere.

Job orientationExamination and research, construction administration department, architectural design institute, construction company, real estate development company, engineering consulting company etc.

III Architectural decoration engineering

Professional characteristicsArchitectural decoration engineering was founded in 2004, the existing 1200 graduates, professional training center, a teacher is equipped with three design studio and a soft outfit design studio, with a master's degree in teachers accounted for 89%, double quality teacher accounted for 90%, employ more than 20 enterprises line technicians and skillful craftsman as part-time teachers, formed a as the backbone of middle-aged and young teachers as the main body, energetic cooperation atmosphere, business ability, double salient features ZhuanJian combination of "double type" teaching team, and cooperate with Beijing Haitian decoration group to open "Haitian class", implement order cultivation. The second prize of the second prize of the national competition was awarded, and the third prize was one.

In the professional teaching, action oriented teaching method, take the student as the main body, according to their aptitude, raises student's beginning ability and design ability, innovation ability and professional communication skills. With high quality and strong business ability, graduates are well received by employers, and some graduates have become the technical backbone of enterprises. Some of the graduates also started their own companies, earning a high profile and a good social reputation for their majors

Job orientationBuilding decoration companies, real estate, architectural design institute, design studio, high-end design agencies and other units, engaged in interior design, soft outfit design, furniture design,decoration engineering supervision in construction project management, decoration engineering budget etc.

IV Architectural engineering management

Professional characteristicsArchitectural engineering management based on famous construction enterprises in shandong province and the school practice base, around the cost member as the core of the five official training target and build simulation, training and actual combat improve personnel training mode, cultivating wide caliber, skills talents. To the real construction project construction as the task, respectively, in the professional training room construction engineering to calculate the amount, construction and installation engineering training rooms, training rooms and bidding project management of sand training rooms to complete the construction project bidding, construction management, engineering cost and other simulation; Then, practice training in the famous construction enterprise and practice base, realized the zero distance employment. In the past three years, the employment rate has been more than 99%, and the job satisfaction is 100%. Now professional has 4 provincial-level quality courses, more than 75% of teachers have more than five years working experience in construction enterprises. The teachers and students won the first prize in the national skill competition, and the second prize 6 times.

job orientationProject manager assistant, cost engineer, the builder, etc., engineering consulting unit work in the bidding, cost consulting, project supervision unit work in the inspector, etc; In the future, through engineering practice and effort, we will obtain the registered primary builder, the registered cost engineer and the registered supervising engineer etc.

V Municipal engineering

Professional characteristicsIn the teaching process of professional course, the use of municipal, luqiao multiple real engineering drawings, case studies, video, scene teaching, systemic strong, by Jane the difficulty, and zero distance docking jobs demand. Sophomore next semester, schools, enterprises jointly, students with job employee identity to construction of a learning and practice, not only exercise students knowledge chart, test, measurement, construction, data transform ability, and training students' ability to communicate with people, on-site coordination management. After that, can leave unit to practice, obtain employment, sign labor contract, make 5 insurances. Professional employment rate is 100% for 4 years. We should give full play to the advantages of students and improve the quality of employment. To develop and guide students to the direction of management or technology according to the characteristics of students and social resources, etc. Helping to connect with the special promotion school, encourage participation in the promotion, and then master's graduate student and doctoral candidate. Existing students have already read master's and have been identified as doctoral training.

Job orientationMunicipal road &bridge construction, supervision, auditing, bidding agency or company or design institute, water supply and drainage pipes, gas landscaping company, highway bureau, transportation bureau, bureau, construction bureau, quality surveillance, highway management, toll, afforestation seedling cultivation base etc.

VI Surveying and geographic information technology

Professional characteristicsThis professional adhere to the "project to make, mentor lead, practice education, personnel training mode, adhering to the" garden symbiosis between higher vocational colleges and the teaching idea, students follow the teacher "learning in doing, do middle school, through three rounds of strengthening practice, trains the student to the high level of professional skills. With engineering surveying practice rooms and training rooms, geographic information including total station 30, 60 sets of theodolite and level system, GPS measurement of six sets of. 100 sets of computers, SUPERMAP, AICGIS 50 sets of software, worth five million yuan of above. For vocational skills contest second prize twice in shandong province, shandong informationization teaching competition third prize. (teachers 12, 90% have graduate student degree.

Job orientationDepartment of surveying and mapping geographic information, such as land management, urban planning, civil construction, road traffic, public facilities, water conservancy and hydropower, resources investigation etc, engaged in surveying and mapping geographic information data collection, storage, library building, editing, processing, maintenance etc.

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