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School of Business Foreign Languages

Featured by “industry-education-research integration, workplace-oriented cultivation, internationalized school-running and modernized governance”, the Department of International Studies highlights both integration of business with English and combination of skills and qualities as our cultivating feature for talents, and aims to develop the inter-disciplinary talents with international vision. Besides we possess a teaching team combining Chinese and foreign teachers, full-time and part-time teachers with teaching and entrepreneurial experience. The one-time employment rate for graduates can reach more than 98% , and they can also choose to go abroad for further study.

Leading professional construction level:The group of our majors including Korea, Business English and Japanese is a key construction project of national-level model vocational colleges and is ranked as top two in recent years of college education quality evaluation in Shandong Province Education Department. Applied Korean major is a national-level model one, and Shandong characteristics one and Business English major is also a Shandong characteristics one. Faculties and students have undertaken the translation work of Weifang international conferences and activities for many years and are designated as quick translation channel unit by Weifang municipal government.

Great teaching achievements:There are two national quality courses, one national quality resource-sharing courses and provincial and ministerial quality courses. In recent three years , our students have won 1 first prize and 3 second prizes and 2 third prizes of national competition and 2 first prizes and 1 second prize of provincial competition. Moreover, there are more than 100 prizes in national and provincial competition.

Advanced teaching facilities:We have the most advanced foreign culture experience center in the country, language labs , cross-border e-commerce development base and secretary shorthand training base. The Ministry of Education has authorized us to set up five overseas test centers at college, providing students with convenient conditions for obtaining international certificates.

Good employment prospects:Cooperating with Alibaba, we provide students with a large number of high-quality foreign trade enterprises for employment. We work with the Chinese Information Society’s Shorthand Professional Committee to create the green employment channel for Yawei shorthand and typing talents. Thus, our students can be engaged in foreign trade business, cross-border e-commerce, foreign trade documents operation, business administration, secretarial translation, administrative assistant, education training and shorthand and typing etc.

I Applied Korean

IntroductionHaving two national exquisite courses, one national top-quality resources sharing course and two provincial top-quality courses, major of Applied Korean is the provincial characteristic major and also the national demonstration majorwhich is approved by the Ministry of Education. Targeting in the cultivation of Two-way skills of “language + business”, we set up three employment orientations, namely secretary&translator, trade&marketing, as well as studying or working abroad. Amongall the outstanding faculties, seven foreign teachers won the honors of “teaching awards” and “friendship awards” of Shandong foreign teaching experts respectively. The undergraduates have won the first and second prizes of national and provincial professional skills competition many a time. For years, faculty and students have offered interpreting service for such large-scale events as Weifang International Kite Festival and China-Japan-South Korea Expo, and got social recognition. Cooperating with Korean Konkuk University, Yeungnam University and Kyungpook University, we provide students with opportunities of further education. Working with Shandong College Graduates Employment Information Network, we are now the college students overseas internship and employment base and can provide the students with opportunities to work abroad.

Employment OrientationGraduates of secretary&interpreter orientation can work at the positions of secretary, translator, and administration. Graduates of trade&marketing orientation can do more specialized work as foreign trade, cross-boarder electronic commerce, documentation operation, business management and marketing planing, and graduates can also choose to study or work abroad.

II Business English

IntroductionBusiness English, as the characteristic specialty in Shandong province, highlights the talents training characteristics of "business + English, skills + quality" and implements workplace teaching, which offers three training directions of secretarial translation, business, education & training and cultivates the high-quality technical international business or education & training talents who are acquainted with the professional knowledge in the area of international business or education & training and international rules, master practical skills and foreign language advantage, have the international vision and strong post expanding capacity and sustainable development ability. The students have won national and provincial professional skills competition one or two prize, and actively undertake translation services for the development of regional economy, with "double certificates" acquisition rate of 100%. With the further implementation of the national "The Belt and Road" strategy, there is a rising demand for high-level foreign trade talents which brings a broader employment prospects for business English major graduates.

Employment Orientations:The graduates in the orientation of secretarial translation can be engaged in the business secretary, translation, administration and other positions in large and medium-sized enterprises and foreign companies both at home and abroad. Business trade graduates may work in import & export business, cross-border e-commerce, customs declaration, document operations, marketing and business management and other fields of work. The graduates of education and training orientation can undertake the jobs of education, teaching and management in the fields of pre-school education, primary and secondary schools and training institutions.


III Business Japanese

IntroductionThis major establishes three training orientations, including studying or working abroad, e-commerce trade and secretarial interpreting. Being granted the Doctor degree from Japan University, the leading person of this major, who had been worked in Japan for 15 years, cooperates with Japanese experts and Chinese excellent teachers to integrate Japanese culture and animation into Japanese teaching, enhances students’ Japanese skills, cultivates students’ hardworking manners, and satisfies the interests of those who like animation. Students win the first and second prices in National or Provincial Level Japanese Skills Competition for several times.

Business Japanesemajor cooperates with many Japanese companies, providing students with internship programs to work in Japan and other foreign countries. Students can choose to have well-paid further study in their sophomore or junior year, gaining overseas working experience which will contribute to their career development in the future. This major combines with Japanese schools to offer students chances to further study for a Bachelor degree or Master degree.

Students can start their junior or senior year to obtain Bachelor degree when they pass the Japanese University’s Entrance Examination, and can also pass the entrance examination to study for the Master Degree in a Japanese University directly.

Employment Orientations:Students who have chosen to further their study can choose to study or work abroad; those who have learnt e-commerce trade may do some specialized works such as International Trade, Cross-Border Electronic Commerce, Documentation Operator and Market Planning; those who have learnt secretarial interpreting can work on secretarial work, interpreting, company management and business management in Japanese-invested company, Japanese-related companyand foreign trade corporation after their graduation.


IV Business English (Weifang Yawei Shorthand and Typing)

CharacteristicsCultivating Objectives: to cultivate the talents with comprehensive skills and special professional quality and to cultivate the modern inter-disciplinary talents proficient in speaking English, secretarial skills and secondhand and typing. Our students have won second prizes of secondhand and typing in the national vocational skills contest for three consecutive years.

Characteristics and Advantages:We adopt the cooperative cultivating model between college and enterprises regularly guided by the industry association with full involvement by the first-class experts. We put an emphasis on the foreign languages abilities, office work skills, typing skills and public relations and coordination skills. We are equipped with foreign culture experience room, business secretarial practice room and typing practice room. Morever, Yawei Co., has set up the “Yawei Scholarship” awards for our excellent students.

Employment Guarantee:Working with Shorthand Professional Committee of Chinese Information Society, we have built Yawei shorthand and typing skills designated training base and Yawei shorthand and typing specified evaluation center. Therefore we have created a green channel for Yawei talents’employment to ensure that they can get high-quality jobs after graduation as soon as they sign an employment agreement after entering into college.

Employment Orientation

uSenior secretaries and administrative assistants in large and medium-sized enterprises home and abroad.

uFull-time speed typist in the government department and agency unit

uFull-time shorthand typist in the court

uFull-time professional speed typist or editor in the news media including the press, newspaper, TV station and network.

uA specialized teacher in high and secondary vocational college.

uSenior speed typist in professional speed typing company and conference company.

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