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As the window to outside world, International Exchange and Cooperation Department consists of 3 sections, which are section of teaching, section of overseas affairs and section of International exchange. We are responsible for sino-foreign cooperative education programs, foreign students, overseas studying and employment, exchange of teachers and students, introduction of foreign teachers, receptions and propaganda work of foreign activities.

We have established friendly and cooperative relations with 126 universities or colleges of 17 countries in respects of teachers and students exchange, mutual recognition of credit, cooperative education programs and scientific research development. 289 person-times were invited to teach from America, Britain, etc., and the quality of education has been improved.

We exert ourselves to cultivate international talents, 3 majors are carried out with Fachhochschule Nordhessen of Germany, which are electric automatization, logistics management and automobile inspection and maintenance, and 1 major is with Yeungnam University of Korea, which is Construction Engineering Technology. Nearly 200 students are studying now. The training are featured by“core curriculum being with international standards”and“mutual recognition of credit with friendly universities”. We also proposed the training model of“language & specialty”for foreign students. They can apply for 40 majors, such as economic management, mechanical manufacture, textile, biochemical engineering, construction, etc. Over 600 short-term foreign students and 700 long-term students have been here for education from 24 countries, Korea, Ukraine and Uganda included.

We attach great importance to students’development. Several training bases were set up, such as“Shandong Sunshine Overseas Studying Preparatory Education Experimental Base”,“Overseas Labor Training Base”.“Overseas Studying Green Channel”was also established, and over 700 elite students were sent to further their education in Germany, Russia, Korea, etc, over 300 graduates were sent to work in Singapore, Japan, Korea, etc, and the employment is getting promoted.

We make efforts to develop international technical skill service. The“Sino-Africa International Talents Training Base”in our college is to train highly skilled talents for Africa. International programs attract our focus, too. We also have training programs for countries along“The Belt and Road”to support national strategy.

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