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School of Arts and Media

The Department of Arts Media is high-quality employment oriented, persisting in “Five in One”system which aimed at cultivating Digital Design and Apply, Film Animation talents of “innovative thinking, comprehensive knowledge, solid skills”, and focusing on development with characteristics and artistic innovation.

The DAM offers three professional specialties,namely Digital Media Arts Design, Digital Media Appliance Technology and Animation Manufacture Technology , on the whole the category ranks second in Shandong province.

The abundant teaching staff resource ensures high-quality learning. Having part-time and professional faculties experienced and equitably ranked, with strong teaching and research capabilities and external service abilities. On the whole having established 4 top courses, published 7 monographs and teaching materials, over 50 academic papers, applying for over 100 patents and presided over 30 academic and research projects.

Having ahead teaching facilities with well functioning studio cluster, equipped with workstations, computer room, apple all-in-one, digital screen (plate), photo equipment, high-definition camera acquisition equipment, etc.

Students achievements in national contents are quite fruitful, the employment quality is quite high. Teachers and students on professional competitions of more than 120. Cooperating with the Weifang National Advertising Industry, Shandong Zhongdong Media Cooperation, and more than 30 well-known enterprises, realize students' employment and enterprise demand seamless docking, the employment rate of graduates reached more than 99%, with high rate, high customer satisfaction.

I AV/AR Design and Manufacture

IntroductionThe AV/AR Design and Manufacture, a new specialty direction of the Animation Manufacture Technology. Virtual Reality( referred to as VR), is a new technology in recent years, with the outbreak of the VR/AR market in 2016, industry professionals demand soared, talents engaged in VR technology development, production of project cannot meet market demand, talent shortage has become huge industry challenges. This specialty aims to train professional modeling, skilled mapping talents with design capability on role action, Unity3D development, applied talents with independent working ability and good team cooperation consciousness and innovation ability. Cooperative enterprises Jinan Dual Education Enterprise,along with the Ministry of Education Steering Committee, National Digital Resource Center and Fujian Wanglong, have built a teaching system and training system ,a new technology for VR practical around VR/AR in the field of school enterprise cooperation, a new mode of training applied talents, to improve the quality of talents and build distance docking jobs.

Taking a "2+1" school-enterprise coeducation training mode, students in third year to the VR training base ,located in Laiwu Xueye Lake ,closed training provided by the company, and the company provides complete employment guidance and employment recommendation of high quality.

Employment directionGraduates can work on Film and television animation, games and entertainment, military space, interior design, real estate development, industrial simulation, online shopping, road traffic and other fields, and the VR game, 3D animation, UI interactive design, VR animation shopping, creative cartoon design and other related work, jobs including VR technical guidance, VR photography, VR packaging, VR synthesis, VR suture division, VR animator, VR special effect designer, VR game developers,etc.

II Animation Manufacture Technology (ZYDM: 610207)

IntroductionHaving the professional training of animation studio to simulate the real project production environment, fully implementing workplace cultivation mode, practicing professional teachers and enterprises jointly teaching. Mainly training talents in animation, games, movies, television and other fields, on animation and creative design, FLASH animation, especially 3D animation and film post production.

To carry out extensive cooperation with well-known enterprises, the implementation of "Project Studio System" open teaching, realizing zero distance docking jobs. The hardware is equipped with first-class level, professional brand workstation room, apple all-in-one, high-definition cameras, SLR cameras. Attaching great importance of students' innovation ability and having won plenty of the national and provincial competitions of first prize and second prize, applying for more than 30 patents.

Employment direction:Production in film and television animation, game design, advertising, film and television, modern media, Internet companies and TV stations, publishing houses and other units engaged in animation, game development, design and production of multimedia products and related art design work. Professional employment rate of graduates reaches previous 100%.

III Digital Media Arts Design( on graphic)

IntroductionTake computer as main design tool and means, through learning and researching specialties and skills on rules of figure arts, development history of designing,graphic design, book design, packaging design, advertising creative and design, CI corporate image design, computer graphic design and production, cultivating graduates with strong practical working ability and applied talents with both integrity and skills working on digital media arts design. There are 4 provincial excellent curriculum and a school level teaching. There is professional cooperation with Adobe company, students pass the Adobe certification exam can obtain Adobe professional certification, graphic visual designer certificate and other professional certification.

Employment directionThe employment direction include the government component design for digital media, enterprises and institutions, media advertising company, publishing and printing company, Internet media company, film and television production company,etc. Graduates can be engaged in the designer, marketing and planning, digital media arts design, packaging design, advertising design, corporate image planning, website design, Taobao store design, and photographic production or be an entrepreneur.

IV Digital Media Arts Design ( on Interior Design )

IntroductionDigital Media Arts Design using professional interior design principle, taking digital media technology as a main means to create a functional, comfortable, indoor environment design to meet people's material and spiritual need. The specialty aims at cultivating professional applied talents with the basic theory and professional knowledge. Graduates can be engaged in interior decoration, interior furnishings, furniture design, CAD drawing, 3D MAX effect diagram graphing, soft trim display and technology management. Cooperating with a number of decorative design companies, using the teaching method of "studio system", thus the teaching work in the studio can be real and professional, and cooperating in developing the enterprise training project provides students the full range of preview of enterprises work and improves students' comprehensive occupation ability.

Employment direction:Graduates can be engaged in interior decoration industry, design, technology and management, serve as an interior designer, display exhibition designer, mapping and drawing, 3D architectural designer. Employment direction include the architectural design company in the field of decoration design, decoration design company, city environmental planning department, decoration company, indoor and outdoor exhibition design company, home decoration companies, universities, or entrepreneurship.

V Introduction to Digital Media Application Technology


Specialty CharacteristicTaking network media and digital film and television later stage as the training direction, the major of digital media application technology should be trained in such fields as graphic design , two-dimensional animation, film and television special effects , photography , interactive system development and other integrated applied talents.

The implementation of vocational education, enterprise education concept, it sets up photography acquisition studio, animation graphic design studio, digital video production studio animation graphic design studio, digital video production studio. Out of school with a number of well-known film and television media enterprises in Shandong cooperation, the introduction of real enterprise projects, and enterprises to achieve post zero distance docking. Pay attention to students’ innovation and entrepreneurship education, the school provides micro film and video production, advertising animation design, personal portrait photography, technical service and maintenance of computer hardware, with a total revenue of more than 30,000 yuan, while at the same time the micro film production, corporate videos, 2D animation projects by the national, provincial contest awards more than 10.

Employment DirectionGraduates in the radio and television departments, enterprises and institutions publicity planning departments, schools, audiovisual publishing agencies, film production companies, animation companies, advertising companies, media companies and other units engaged in graphic design, web design, video editing, animation design, interactive product development.

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