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Overseas Employment Programs

Employment in Singapore

Work for two years (renewable)

Positions:electronic and mechanical engineer, chief technology officer, line assistant, auto mechanic, executive of chemical engineering, administrative clerk, Chinese language teacher, kindergarten teacher, accountant, seafarer on passenger liner; higher-end service industries: sales manager and executive of luxury, manager, executive and receptionist of starred hotel and catering chain-like, executive and manager assistant of big supermarket.

Salary:about 7,000 to 10,000RMB per month (1,500 --2,000 SGD per month, 1 SGD is approximately equal to 5 RMB), not counting overtime pay and bonus.

Study and Train in Japan

Work for one year or three years

Positions:electronic packaging, CNC technology, aquatic processing, food processing, napkin packaging, cook, plastic molding and processing, mechanical assembly, splice, printing, film inspection, stuffing, sewing, vegetable processing, electric appliances assembly, inspection.

Salary:3,000 to 4,000 RMB (the first month internship); about 10,000 RMB (from the second month), not counting overtime pay and bonus.

Welcome consulting for more details about paid internship during vacations in New Zealand, practice and employment in Korea, Chinese language teachers in Thailand.

Requirement:students in Shandong Vocational College of Science and Technology (after sophomore year) or the graduates from the college

Contacts: 0536-8187730 8187734 13371096321 Ms. Zhao

18560696036 Ms. Liu 13963681112 Mr. Xu

QQ group:336977034 QQ:859647556

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