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Admission Brochures on Automobile Inspection and Maintenance (cooperative program with the university of Germany)
2017-03-28   审核人:

Automobile Inspection and Maintenanceis a cooperative specialty with Fachhochschule Nordhessen in Germany. The schooling lasts three years. The students are under the management of German educational mode and taught by both Chinese and German teachers. We also introduce the textbooks. Students will get our college diploma after they get required credits and pass the examination. Students can get jobs or further their education in Fachhochschule Nordhesse. The schooling lasts a year and a half or two years, and they will get the bachelor degree if they pass the examination. Students can continue to study for master and doctor degree or to get jobs after graduation.

About the specialty:to cultivate skilled talents with good master of German language, the knowledge and of automobile inspection and maintenance and the skills of motor maintenance, repair, diagnosis and marketing.

Main courses:automobile engine repair, automobile chassis repair, automobile electrical appliance repair, German language, automobile fault diagnosis, mechanical drawing, automobile electronic technology, automobile mechanics, automobile culture

Employment:graduates can take jobs in fields of automobile inspection, diagnosis, repair, manufacturing equipment, logistics, technical service, business administration, etc.

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