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The students are actively participating in the folk culture experience activities of the Dragon Boat Festival
2017-06-05   审核人:

Morning of May 26, and international communication and cooperation teachers organization from Uganda, Cameroon, Tanzania, Kenya and other countries students to represent the knowledgeable floor D315 classroom at the Dragon Boat Festival folk culture experience activities.

Began, the teacher first explained the origin of the Dragon Boat Festival is for the students, this paper introduces the dragon boat racing, eating rice dumplings, hanging wormwood, her sweet bursa, drink realgar wine, bread eaten ruling and other traditional festival custom and related video to watch the Dragon Boat Festival.During the event, the students tasted all kinds of rice dumplings and praised them.They are deeply attracted by the traditional Chinese festival culture and have been engaged in a heated exchange and discussion on national holiday customs.

This activity not only increases the understanding of Chinese traditional festival culture, but also stimulates their interest in learning Chinese and their love for Chinese culture.

International students taste rice dumplings

Group photo

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